Stuart Hepburn


Writer, director, actor and self-confessed bad poet Stuart Hepburn joins me today to talk about processing the world through ideas and about how showing up reluctantly and on crutches to a first student audition would eventually lead to a part in “Tiger’. Wait, that’s “Taggart”. Join us for another episode of Putting it Together. And if you haven’t already, please subscribe and share the podcast. Let’s grow this thing.

“The scotch broth of podcasts” – Chris Alexander (@thegodfuzzy)

Alison Peebles


My guest this week is prolific actor and director, Alison Peebles. We talk about her journey from art school to stage management to finally beginning to act in regional tours. We also have a chat about Alison’s MS and how it has affected her life and work. A joyous hour with an endlessly fascinating woman. Thanks for listening and sharing the show. Keep it going, pals!

David Mara


My guest this week is the tremendous, warm and funny David Mara. You might have seen him in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time in London’s West End or one of the many large-scale pieces he’s been involved in at both the National Theatre of Great Britain and the National Theatre of Scotland. I grabbed a free moment on his last trip to Scotland to ask him about where his love of theatre began and to hear all about the art of understudying. Thanks for listening!