Lesley Hart


Lesley Hart has made the transition from script editor to actor on River City, and on today’s episode, hear about that big change and the bigger journey that has brought her to this point. We get into discussing what it means to fit in, how to proceed if you don’t believe that you belong in any of the ‘boxes’ you’re offered and of course finishing that all-important first draft. That last one was perhaps more difficult for me to discuss than it was for Lesley! Thanks for listening.

Live show this weekend at the Tron Theatre. Saturday 14th April at 5pm. Tickets available here.

Robert Jack


From rural amateur dramatics to Black Watch, it’s been quite a journey for Robbie Jack. We had a great laugh discussing learning on the job, why Robbie doesn’t have a hit list of ideal jobs and how living in the moment is the key to any actor’s happiness. Thanks for listening. Get your tickets below for my first live show, Saturday 14th April at the Tron Theatre!


Jo Freer


Mid-tour of the new Scottish musical, Bingo, Jo Freer stopped by for a cuppa and a chat. Join us as we discuss what happens when you don’t get the lead role (and you’re five years old), touring America and, of course, dobber choreography. Thanks for listening and supporting the show! Drop me a line: brian@puttingittogethercast.com (@pitccpod on Twitter)