Hello hello – it’s February!


February is upon us and there are lots of exciting developments afoot. This morning I had the first of, I hope, many conversations about where the podcast is going. We talked about the possibility of a live show, perhaps a series of them, and about sponsorship, advertising, tie-ins with various local organisations and, as usual, tea. We talked tea.

The recent RFO announcements have brought with them a wave of outrage from the arts community, and rightly so. Rest assured that I’ve made it my mission to broach this topic with the appropriate guests, using my podcast as a platform to help keep this conversation as open and transparent as possible.

This week I have three guests coming into the studio to record interviews and some of these won’t even reach your ears for many weeks to come. That is to say, I am now dealing with a backlog of guests and I’m doing everything I can to keep that momentum going so that the podcast gets richer and more exciting as the weeks roll on.

Now, do you have an idea for the live shows? Who would you like to see interviewed? Perhaps you have an act that you think would work as a curtain-raiser or interval piece? Maybe you have a bright idea about the format of the show on the night? Get in touch with me:


Twitter: @pitccpod




Chasing Away the January Blues


Hello hello and welcome to the Putting it Together website. I’m finally sitting to write a bit for it – since the podcast kicked off in November of last year, all my energy has gone into recording, editing and connecting with guests for each episode. Now that things are up and running I’d like to keep you up to date with the inner workings of the show and give you some idea of what I’ve got planned for the coming months!

I usually have an idea of the guests I have coming on for about the next four weeks or so. Today saw the release of the episode I did with Frances Thorburn, and at this stage I have next week’s already recorded and a further two episodes scheduled for recording. Beyond that, it’s a bit of a mystery, which is just how I like it. I suppose my work as an actor and musician is a bit like that too; a rough idea of what’s coming next but very little clue as to what might be beyond that!

There’s been some talk of me doing a couple of live episodes too. This idea is at its very beginnings so I don’t yet know what form this would take, but I think it would be exciting to get some listeners in a room together and make a night of it. Maybe we’ll have more than one guest? Maybe the guests will talk to each other? Who knows. But rest assured, it’s on the horizon somewhere and I’ll let you know as soon as I do how you can get involved.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about podcast life at the moment is the sheer amount of people in the industry who approach me to comment on episodes. I did a play reading yesterday at the Tron in Glasgow and was delighted to be talking about the podcast with a number of different people: actors, directors, programmers, none of whom I had known were listeners, some of whom I hadn’t previously met. It seems that we have am exciting set of conversations bubbling.

More from me very soon. Hope you enjoy today’s episode. I really had a blast chatting to Frances and learned a lot about her life and career. Next week we’ll be talking about The Scottish Play, and beyond that I have some great guests lined up, including some special episodes with a slightly different format! Stay tuned. Thanks for listening!