Scott Gilmour and Claire McKenzie


Collectively known as Noisemaker, they’re the team behind the music and lyrics of “My Left/Right Foot”, and the currently in development, “My Name is Ben”. They joined me for episode 50(!) to talk all things writing and musical theatre before they set off for the states where their new show has its premiere early next year.

Thanks as ever for the responses to the show and for sharing the podcast on social media. The episodes are gradually reaching more and more people and hopefully making a positive impact as they do! Thanks for listening!

Kieran Hurley


Creator and performer of Hitch and Heads Up, co-writer of the recent Square Go and writer of the upcoming Mouthpiece at Edinburgh’s Traverse Theatre, Kieran Hurley’s CV can’t fail to impress. But how does he do it? What is the process of actually getting the thing written. We chat about collaboration, daydreaming, discipline and the role of the shed in writing. Join us! Thanks for listening.

Richard Conlon


Fresh from a sell-out run with Birds of Paradise and National Theatre of Scotland’s “My Left Right Foot’, Richard Conlon joins me backstage at the Lyceum to chat about his work and process. How does he approach Shakespeare? Why does he relish the time between jobs just as much as the jobs themselves? And just how well-known around in Edinburgh is Fergus? All this and more on today’s episode! Thanks for listening!