Lisa Dwyer Hogg


Fresh from taking the lead in the acclaimed People, Places and Things on its first national tour, Lisa made time to talk to me in between performances of Twelfth Night. We get to grips with being in the bubble, coming out of the bubble and not forgetting your real life whilst in the bubble. There’s a fair bit of bubble chat, along with a generous helping of wisdom from this terrific actor I’ve been honoured to work with.

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Aly Macrae


Musical director for such productions as The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart, The James Plays and more recently Midsummer and Twelfth Night, Aly describes his discovery of music and drama in deepest Ayrshire, how a night out at Kelso Folk Club turned into one of the most famous pieces of theatre to come out Scotland in recent years and just how far you can get on grade 2 piano. Thanks for listening!