New Year Special 2018/19


Hello Pitpodders and a happy new year to you! This is a very special episode where the tables are turned. My friend and colleague Blythe Duff, the first guest I ever had on the show, agreed to interview me for this episode, even insisting that I sit on the “guest” side of the studio table. No intro or outro this week – just straight into the interview. I really hope you enjoy it!

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Ross MacKay


Theatre director, magician, puppeteer – the list seems endless. It’s Ross MacKay, a brilliant human and a prolific talent, who makes considerable effort to get to my wee studio and chat for an hour. Big thanks to Ross for doing it. I think the promise that it would be the christmas “special” was part of the lure…

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Jo Clifford


Jo Clifford was at one time something of a lone wolf; the only openly trans playwright in the UK theatre scene. Now, thankfully, she is a leading figure in a vibrant and growing community and this season she revives her hugely successful one-woman play, The Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven. We sat down at Jo’s Leith home to talk theatre, politics and just plain old being human.

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Douglas Maxwell


A “garret playwright”, Douglas Maxwell has written in his own unusual way (i.e. – mostly unsolicited) for over twenty years and boasts The Whip Hand, Fever Dream: Southside and Charlie Sonata among his many successes. We talk about being an artist, being a “success” and the ever-present imposter syndrome.

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