Grant O’Rourke


A well-known face of both stage and screen, Grant stopped by to chat with me about watching cancelled TV shows, the massive challenges of working a season at Pitlochry Festival Theatre, and of course his great skill at “doing nothing”! Join us for a wee blether. Thanks for your continued support.

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Sarah Gray


This week it’s the turn of hugely prolific and highly sough-after producer, Sarah Gray, to sit across from me as we put it together. Of course, the first question on my lips and perhaps yours is, “what does a theatre producer actually do?” And from there we get into the nuts and bolts of it and chat away about shows we’ve loved, how programming and touring works, who’s who on the production team, and much much more. Thanks for listening!

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Grant Stott


A man who can only be described as a veteran broadcaster, Grant Stott’s credits include 17 years at Forth One, hosting many different live TV shows including Scotsport, and more recently, taking the reigns on Wednesdays and Thursdays on BBC Radio Scotland’s Afternoon Show. Despite being tremendously busy putting together Allan Stewart’s Big Big Variety Show at the King’s Theatre in Edinburgh, Grant takes an hour out to chat to me about his life and career.

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Meghan Tyler


Meghan Tyler has in recent times expanded her list of credits to become not only an actor of note but also a significant force as a writer on the Scottish theatre scene. We talk for a lovely hour where we cover everything from work to mental health to eating dinner in the bath. Thanks for joining us.

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