Matthew Pidgeon


With a CV that bursts at the seams with worldwide theatre credits including Wolf Hall, The James Plays, This House, Midsummer and most recently, Local Hero, Matthew Pidgeon is a welcome addition to the PITPOD collection! He joined me in the wee Knightswood studio to talk all things theatre and acting, and even a little spirituality thrown in for good measure.

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Morna Young


Celebrated writer of “A Play, A Pie and A Pint”s current offering, Aye Elvis, whilst having one of her early plays rehearsing in Perth ahead of a major Scottish tour, it’s high times for Morna Young. But she made time to pop by and tell me where it all started for her and what a great chat we had. If you want to join us, just hit play. So simple!

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Darren Brownlie


I bet you didn’t know there was a one-man version of “The Steamie”. Well, there is. Or at least, there was. Gather round and hear tell of it, and many other showbiz mysteries. There’s only one man for this job: it’s the inimitable Darren Brownlie!

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